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Personal Readings and Private Consultations

with Malik Deshawn

Our Ministry is Free for anyone to join who wants to begin the journey called: "Knowledge Of Self"


I am available for individuals and corporate entities to do personal and business consultations. I use the Science of the Cards which I call Castrology to give you an in-depth look at your life and the forces that have shaped your destiny to this point. These scientific tools enable you to Know Thy Self or Live In Your Card. My intent is to give you a deeper understanding of your self and your life's purpose so that you can make more empowered choices for your future.

Once you understand the forces at work within you and outside of you, you have the ability to choose whereas often our choices are made by unconscious forces within us. The intent of the mystic sciences and my readings is to make that which is unknown, known. Through this kind of awareness, any life pattern can be changed or risen above and all one’s dreams and desires can be fulfilled.

Many clients call me when their life situation is about to undergo a major change. There is uncertainty about the future or major questions that need answers. In these cases, there is usually a key element that I can pinpoint, a turning point piece of information, that sets the path clear. This also clears the way for the path onward, allowing one to access all the planetary influences to their highest degree.

Please email us at For more information on our introductory and intermediary classes

Register for an introductory and intermediary Castrology 4 Life class Here. 

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